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Increase your efficiency at work or school with this software that will help improve your typing speed

Increase your efficiency at work or school with this software that will help improve your typing speed

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Program license: Free

Program by: I am a student

Version: 2.01.0000

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Program license

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I am a student


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Sonma Typing Expert is a typing fluency program that helps users both in English and Hindi. While there are many typing programs for both languages, very few do both languages simultaneously. This helps Hindi speakers learn how to type in English and vice versa, which makes it useful for many different users.

Simple Mechanics

Sonma Typing Expert functions like many other typing programs. The major difference is that it helps users get used to typing in their own language and using a keyboard for a different language. English and Hindi characters are very different and require different keyboards. This program is able to understand both and can guide users on how to type most effectively in these languages.

Like with many other typing programs, this has numerous exercises that often focus on typing a certain passage within a specific amount of time. You will then be scored based on your speed and precision. Each stage is aimed at a different difficulty. You'll start with small words and short sentences. Soon you'll notice that the exercises become more difficult and complex. If you feel that exercises are getting too difficult, then you can go back and do previous ones.

Switching between languages is easy as well. Simply click the language that you want to practice with and Sonma Typing Expert will show you relevant exercises. This program tracks your accuracy and speed. You're able to see your measurements at any time to see how much better you're getting. You can also print your scores if you would like.

Another useful feature is that you can set goals for yourself in the program. For example, you can set a specific accuracy score or words per minute speed. The program will then create exercises to help you reach your goal.

Easy Interface and Mechanics

Sonma Typing Expert is simple to understand and it helps you learn how to type in either English or Hindi. The interface makes it easy to choose exercises based on skill level. While this is primarily meant for people who need to improve their typing speed or accuracy for a job, you can use this for any purpose. Simply select the appropriate exercise from the list and it will start.

All of the exercises are simple in concept. The majority of them give you a passage to type in either English or Hindi. Just type the passage to the best of your abilities. When you're finished, the program will judge you based on how quickly the passage was complete, the number of mistakes and how many times you had to delete a character to get a word right.

Since English and Hindi keyboards are different, you're also able to switch between keyboards with the click of a button. This helps you get used to the characters of another keyboard with ease. You'll find that nearly every tool is used with a single button click.

Repetition is big here. You'll often have to type the same words and phrases several times during the exercises. This is intentional as it will help you get used to typing common words. Not only that, but it helps you learn the words if you are typing in a different language.

No Other Languages

While having the two languages are great, some users might be disappointed to learn that there are no other languages to choose from. If you need to learn how to type in English or Hindi, then this should be fine. If you want to learn how to type in another language, then this program won't be very useful for you.

While the language selection is limited, it is very good if you want to type in either of these languages.

Many Different Exercises

There are many different typing exercises both in English and Hindi. You should have no problem finding an exercise for your skill level. You can also choose to start from the very beginning with easy exercises, or you can skip around until you find an exercise that is challenging enough for your needs. You should look for an exercise that is hard enough without being impossibly difficult.


  • Helps teach users how to type faster and better in both Hindi and English
  • Choosing between languages and exercises is very simple
  • Gives scores based on your speed and accuracy


  • Only supports two languages