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Increase your efficiency at work or school with this software that will help improve your typing speed

Increase your efficiency at work or school with this software that will help improve your typing speed

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What is Sonma Typing-Expert

The Sonma Typing Expert is a useful software program that enables users to develop profitable Hindu and English typing skills. This software program was developed in an effort to provide beneficial services to Hindu students who attend English-speaking universities.

The software features several user-friendly interfaces which allow students to actively engage in typing courses that were designed to introduce new typists to modern advances in the keyboarding field. Sonma Typing Expert can be easily downloaded through the Windows platform and offers users a simple and unique method of adapting to English and Hindu keyboarding.

Sonma Typing Expert also offers a full free version of the software so that students can maximize the educational experience. This software has received an overall positive review from users who have engaged with the course content for four weeks or more.

Users who interacted frequently with the software named its ability to train students in all aspects of English and Hindu keyboarding as its most valuable asset. Users also appreciate the fact that this educational software is available in a free format.


  • Typing course variations that range in length from one minute to a half hour
  • Free access to full version of software
  • Simple and efficient layout for students
  • Easy access to software updates
  • Savable keyboarding courses for each skill level
  • Accuracy and speed detecting programs
  • Easy access to progress reports and test results
  • Pause and resume option available during keying courses
  • Has been shown to drastically improve typing ability and speed


  • Interface is developed primarily for students and not professionals
  • Needs to be updated on a frequent basis
  • Contains pop-up advertisements
  • Offers only one font option